• Managing eczema in the summertime

    Managing eczema in summertime Learn how to prevent and treat flare-ups while having warm-weather fun. Itchy, uncomfortable eczema can be an unpredictable condition. For some people, the dry, indoor air of winter causes flare-ups. But for others, it’s warmer weather — and the sweating, outdoor

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  • Neurodermatitis

    Neurodermatitis around the anklebone: Scratching an itchy patch around the ankle caused the neurodermatitis to appear. Neurodermatitis: Overview Neurodermatitis is a skin condition that begins with an itch.The itch can develop anywhere on the surface of the body. Most commonly, though, an itchy patch

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  • Nummular Dermatitis

    Nummular dermatitis: This skin problem often causes coin-shaped rashes on the skin that can itch or burn. Nummular dermatitis: Overview Also called discoid eczema People who get this skin problem often see distinct, coin-shaped (nummular) or oval sores on their skin. Nummular dermatitis often appears

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  • Adults with eczema too often suffer in silence

    Peter Moffat, creator of Criminal Justice, is diminishing the stigma of atopic dermatitis by raising awareness of this disease. Peter Moffat knows well the everyday struggles of living with atopic dermatitis (AD), the most common type of eczema. Now he’s using his celebrity status to raise awareness

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  • Stasis dermatitis

      Severe stasis dermatitis on the lower leg and foot: Poor blood flow leads to these skin changes. Stasis dermatitis: Overview Also called gravitational dermatitis, venous eczema, and venous stasis dermatitis This condition develops in people who have poor circulation. Because poor blood flow usually

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